Personalised Solutions for Particulate Systems

Granular and particulate materials are ubiquitous in both industry and our everyday lives; in fact, it is likely that you have already encountered at least one granular material today, whether by walking along a gravel path, eating a bowl of cereal or brushing dust from a surface. Indeed, granular media are the second most manipulated substances on the planet after water. Yet despite this fact, our understanding of granular materials and their dynamical behaviours is shockingly incomplete compared to our knowledge of the flow behaviours of classical, molecular fluids.

This lack of knowledge can manifest itself in numerous negative ways in industrial settings, from relatively minor inconveniences such as the ‘jamming’ of industrial flows to catastrophic events such as the collapse of storage silos.

Industries will often try to avoid such problems in an ad hoc manner through the use of scaled-down test systems and pilot plants. However, such processes – aside from being time-consuming and expensive to construct – will often behave very differently to the full-size systems which they are intended to model, severely limiting their usefulness.

The MercuryLab project takes a different approach, providing computational models which are tailor-made to precisely recreate industrial systems at a fraction of the cost of building an equivalent physical system. MercuryLab offers a variety of packages to suit the needs of its clients, including access to cloud computing, individualised training courses in the use of Mercury and C++ coding in general and, if rapid solutions are required, consultancy packages.

Our training courses are designed to provide a working knowledge of C++ and discrete particle method (DPM/DEM) techniques in a quick, convenient and accessible manner.

Our consultancy packages, meanwhile, utilise the extensive knowledge and diverse expertise of our consultancy team to directly address and resolve a specific problem in a meticulous and expeditious manner.

Whatever the size, status or needs of your company, the MercuryLab Team will help you find a solution to the issues that matter to you.