Welcome to MercuryLab

The handling of particles, powders, grains and other bulk solids is crucial to a majority of modern industries. However, the design and maintenance of bulk-handling systems is a complex task subject to many – often unforeseeable – pitfalls.

MercuryLab offers state-of-the-art virtual prototyping software for the design and optimisation of bulk-handling machinery, specialising in industrial mixing processes, helping you get a top-quality product to market in the shortest timeframe possible.


Our aim is to offer a faster, cheaper alternative to conventional prototyping, helping you to design, improve and optimise particle-handling systems and processes effectively and efficiently. In particular, we can help you:

• Identify and solve mixing or flow problems
• Rapidly optimise system design
• Improve efficiency
• Reduce running costs

We offer a range of services, including:

Consultancy – If you have a specific problem that needs fixing, or a system that needs designing or optimising in a short timescale, our specialist consultants have the expertise and cutting-edge tools needed to get the job done rapidly and effectively.

Training – Knowledge is power, and the key to staying ahead of your competitors is ensuring that you and your staff have the most cutting-edge skills and knowledge. We offer a range of courses covering all aspects of particle handling technology, ranging from on-site training in the usage of particle handling equipment to intensive courses through which you can learn to apply state-of-the-art computational techniques to the design and optimisation of your equipment.

Cloud Services – The future of industrial system design – run computer simulations to optimise your machinery and processes anytime, anywhere, with unlimited computational power.

We combine simulation, 3D-printed rapid-prototyping and cutting-edge experimental techniques to provide system optimisation with unparalleled speed and precision.